About the company

Like the coconut trees that dot the tropical landscape of the Philippines, Celebes stands tall and proud today. Its corporate odyssey began without much fanfare in 1981 when it manufactured wood products from timber sourced from its forest concession in Butuan City, Philippines located in the island of Mindanao. Yet from this modest start emerged one of the country’s largest export oriented enterprises, right at the onset of the New Millennium.


Among its first area of concern is adequate capitalization to help stimulate and propel business growth. Celebes opened its financing company in 1989 and continues to service businesses in areas where Celebes operates.

In support of its Corporate Mission to be the No. 1 producer and exporter of world-class coconut food products in the Philippines, it aims to meet and satisfy international food safety requirements. Year after year, it strategically invests in machinery and equipment to meet customer demands and delivery deadlines. The company also engages in continuous manpower training to ensure optimum returns in all aspects of the company’s operations.

Celebes has adopted for its Corporate Strategy a practical checklist of “must-do’s” to ensure and maintain its superior and efficient operations:

  • Strategic acquisition of appropriate equipment and machinery.
  • Adoption of effective operational methods and systems.
  • Continuous procurement of cost-efficient and quality-upgraded raw materials.
  • Continuous creation of an elite, well-motivated and value-driven workforce through a well-maintained and enhanced training program.