Crude Coconut Oil

Organic Crude Coconut Oil

Crude Coconut Oil is an amazing oil with numerous uses! As the name implies, Celebes Organic Crude Coconut Oil is produced using the coconut, which is one of numerous sorts of "oilseeds." Crude Coconut Oil, also referred to as "CNO," has been utilized in many industries, including; beauty, food, healthcare, nutraceuticals, soap, as well as a replacement for petroleum oil such as industrial grade oils and more recently, as a feedstock in the production of Biodiesel.

Crude Coconut Oil is produced by pressing the crude oil from the coconut's copra, which is the dried coconut meat. Typically, the pressing is accomplished through the use of an expeller press. After the crude coconut oil has been expressed, it is then "refined" which eliminates contaminants or other impurities. Once further processed by refining, the product is called RBD (Refined) Coconut Oil. From RBD Coconut Oil, this can be further transformed to create Specialty Fats.