Coconut Water

Organic Coconut Water and Coconut Water Concentrate

Coconut water is actually the juice found inside a fresh coconut. Its water is an all-natural electrolyte-filled and it is one of the nature's most refreshing drinks consumed worldwide well-known for its nutritious and health benefiting properties.

Celebes Coconut Water has transformed its coconut water utilizing the most recent innovation to preserve the refreshing quality and flavor of natural coconut water. It is a thirst-quenching yet refreshing drink that can be utilized as juice base for beverage, blended with the other fruit flavors. It is a common refreshment that is delectable, and brimming with the salts, sugars and the vitamins needed by everyone of all age groups.

Coconut water has been utilized for re-hydration, as a well-being and beauty aide in tropical districts around the world. It is low in fat and calories, contains no cholesterol, has a natural balance of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium giving it a solid electrolyte drink.

The property of coconut water gives a wonderful calming and cooling benefits, relieving burning sensation, hot flashes and restores emotional stability in menopausal women. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for liver issues, hepatitis or inflammation. Other medicinal properties of the coconut water reported are oral re-hydration medium, kills intestinal worms, checks urinary infection, compelling in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones, supports the fast absorption of drugs and makes their concentration in the blood, simpler by its electrolytic impact.

Thus, our gathering and transforming methods allow us to package and pasteurize the natural Celebes Coconut Water that is organically pure, with no requirement for any preservatives. Now giving you fresh coconut water in convenient and environmentally friendly packs available with flavors.