Coconut Milk

Organic Coconut Milk

Celebes Coconut Milk is a creamy tropical taste that is utilized mostly to make pastries, additive flavors to your favorite food or dessert recipes, soup and other cooking. Coconut milk provides 50% more calcium than dairy milk. Coconut milk is a sweet, milky white cooking base derived from the meat of a mature coconut. The color and rich taste of the coconut milk can be attributed to the high oil content and sugars. Coconut milk is prepared by squeezing the grated coconut meat using a mechanical press.

Coconut milk has a tendency to stay fresh longer, which is important in dishes where the coconut flavor is not competing with curries and other spicy dishes. If you are concerned about the saturated fat content in coconut milk, numerous studies demonstrated that saturated fat has indicated to be good, easily metabolized to give your body quick energy. Contrary to popular myth, it doesn't transform into bad cholesterol to clog up arteries. The principal fatty acid in coconut milk is lauric acid, which is the same fat found in abundance in mother's milk and is known to promote brain development and contribute to healthy bones. It also has important anti-carcinogenic and anti-pathogenic properties. It is less likely to cause weight gain than polyunsaturated oils. Fat contents of the coconut milk is approximately 17%. While light coconut milk has a fat content of 10%.

Celebes Coconut Milk packaging is available in 400 ml tin cans. Other can sizes is available and in aseptic in bulk.